How to Start Showing Up in Google Searches TODAY!

My website has been at the top of the first page of Google for many years. This has helped me bring in tons of clients and even TRIPLE my day job income within a year of starting my business. So much so, that industry peers started asking me to coach them on how to show up on Google!


While it would probably take me a few good hours to go through everything you need to know in order for your website to start ranking online, TODAY I want to give you a golden nugget that you can apply right NOW to get traction.


A while ago, I started implementing this awesome tip and now I keep getting notifications like this from Google.


how to rank your site on Google


I made it part of my workflow to review every vendor that I work with on Google. I pair my testimonial with a few photos that feature their beautiful work, and the results are climbing through the roof!


Here’s the thing! Most couples spend a lot of time online doing research before they inquire with a wedding vendor. So, when they come across your name time and time again, you bet they’ll take notice!


In the image above, you can see how one review helped me reach 500K pairs of eyes in one month. How would you like to get in front of thousands of brides planning their wedding? Now you can!


So, here’s your homework this week: make a list of 10 vendors you’ve worked with in the past, and write a thoughtful review for each of them. Add in a few images and watch your work get in front of brides and grooms planning the wedding of their dreams!


I want to keep you accountable though, so make sure to head over to our private Facebook group and tell me that you’re going to implement this tip this week!


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