How to Soften the Light When Using Flash

How do you soften the light when using flash? If you’ve ever wondered how to use flash and not have your images look so harsh, then keep on reading. 


One of my secret tools when it comes to softening the light when using flash during a wedding reception is to use a mini softbox diffuser. I prefer this over the bounce card for the speed light on my camera because it creates a much softer light when taking pictures of people on the dance floor.


Moreover, when guests ask me to take a picture of the party at their table, the diffuser creates a beautiful soft light, no matter how close I am to my subjects.  


I have been using this trick to soften the light when using flash for many years now. It’s kinda become my secret sauce for shooting indoors! And now I get to share it with you!


Here are some images that were all shot with flash but still look light and airy because of the help of my mini softbox diffuser.


This trick is perfect for detail shots (rings, invitation suit, ceremony decor, etc.)


how to soften the light when using flash


The flash diffuser can even be used outside. I love using it during the sunset portraits to create beautiful lighting even when the sun has gone down.


how to avoid harsh light when using flash


I pretty much always use the diffuser to photograph the reception decor, particularly the table settings and centerpieces.


how to soften the flash light


Was this post helpful? Please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to connect with you! For more tips about flash photography and how I use it to photograph weddings, check out my blog post How to Take Light and Airy Images WITH Flash.


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