How You Can Make Styling Boards for Photographers in Under 5 Minutes

Did you know that you can make styling boards for photographers in under 5 minutes? This post will show you the easiest and fastest way to create your very own textured flat lay styling board. If you’ve known me for a hot minute, you know that I always have a system for everything in my business. From marketing on social media to posing my clients quickly and efficiently, everything is structured in a logical way so that I never run out of ideas on a wedding day.


Styling Boards for flat lays


You might have guessed that I also have a VERY specific process when it comes to photographing wedding details. I’m in the process of creating a “wedding details” training just for wedding photographers (YAY!) and I’m trying to figure out how to get all this content into your hands ASAP!


Are you as excited as I am? If you know that you would benefit from having a step-by-step system when it comes to photographing the wedding details in a pinch, hit reply and let me know what you struggle with the most. I might just create something specifically for YOU!


Until you can get access to the “wedding details” training, here’s a quick 3 minute video of me showing you the easiest and fastest way to create your very own styling board. It’s so easy, even my kids were able to help!

Styling Boards for Photographers


This is how you can make styling boards for photographers in under 5 minutes! If you enjoyed this video, you’re also going to love my tutorial 3 Easy Ways You Can Create Styling Boards for Photographers. This tutorial features three different type of styling boards that you can make yourself, including a linen styling board, a textured board, a painted canvas, as well as a marble texture board. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think!




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