2022 Photography Business Goals

Goodness, time flies!! How is it 2022 already? Another year has come and gone, which is crazy to me. 


If you’ve been around for a while, I want to say Thank You! Your support really means the world to me. If you’re new to ATP, Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!! This is a space where I share photography tips and tricks, as well as behind-the-scenes into my life and business. 


As always, with everything that I teach, I like to go before you, test it out, and then report back on what worked and what didn’t. With that being said, and because it’s that time of the year again, and everyone is making New Year resolutions,  I want to share my #1 business goal for 2022 with you so that you can keep me accountable this year.


My biggest goal for this year is to take you behind-the-scenes into my business more so than I have in the past. I want to share more personal and business projects, like the fact that over the holidays we bought a fixer upper that we’re currently renovating and I hardly even talked about it. Why? Because we’ve been incredibly BUSY and social media has been the last thing on my mind. Can you relate?!


However, I don’t want to lose the amazing connection I have with my followers, so this year, I want to show up more and serve you more. One way of doing this is through behind-the-scene footage from my sessions and weddings. If you’re anything like me, you probably want to record more behind-the-scene videos at sessions but always seem to forget. Well, I’ve found the perfect little gadget to help with that! I posted this reel on Instagram a while back and it got 262K views. That’s wild!


business goals for photographers


This phone holder has a hot shoe that attaches to your camera so you can shoot all the BTS footage you need. Simply hit record and forget about it! How cool is that?! Click here to check it out!


There’s nothing like sharing your photography business goals with thousands of virtual friends to make sure I stay accountable and actually work towards completing my goals!


What about you, friend? What is your #1 goal for 2022? Comment below and let me know. :)


Here’s to a productive 2022!





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