Best Tools & Resources for Running a Photography Business

What are the best business resources for photographers? 


Being a photographer is so much more than taking pictures. You need a website, contract, client management tool, editing software, and more. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know which tools are worth investing in.


That’s why, after over a decade of running my business, I’ve put together a list of the absolute must-have business resources for photographers. These are tried and true resources I’ve personally relied on in my own business over the years, and the tools I’d use right away if I were to start my business today.


If you’ve been searching for the best business resources for photographers, bookmark this blog post so you can refer back to it later.


1. Showit 


The first thing I would do if I started a photography business today is to create a website to showcase my work. There are a lot of website platforms out there, so which one should you choose? I’ve been a WordPress fan for a long time because of their blogging benefits. However, the downside in the early years for me was that I had to rely on my web designer to make even the smallest changes to my website. I’m talking things like updating my contact form, testimonials, or images. These are things that every business owner should be able to do on their own. 


Once I made the switch to Showit, I couldn’t believe how EASY it was for me to update my own site by myself. I purchased my theme from the Palm Shop, and it also came with an intro to Showit course. It was the very first time that I experienced the power of a course that took me from knowing nothing about Showit, to being able to make every single design change I wanted in minutes. 


Also, one important thing to note is that with Showit, you design your blog theme in Showit, but write the actual blog posts in WordPress. So, even though I switched to Showit, my blog remained on WordPress and continued to maintain my ranking on the first page of Google. My only regret is not making the transition to Showit sooner. So, if you don’t know which website platform to use, or you’re thinking about switching platforms, I highly recommend Showit. Sign up using this link and get an entire month of Showit for FREE. Already have an account? Use code “alina” and get one free month.


2. The Lawtog


When it comes to running a business, having a solid contract in place is a must. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve read about over the years from photographers who did not have a contract strong enough to protect them. Distinguishing between reliable and unreliable contracts online is hard, and taking chances with the strength of your contract is not a risk worth taking. Trusting Rachel from the LawTog with all my legal needs provides the peace of mind I need to ensure my business is adequately protected. Click here to grab the wedding contract I use in my business.


3. HoneyBook


I use HoneyBook for everything in my business: questionnaires, contracts, invoicing, client communication, and more. It’s like having a virtual assistant dedicated to keeping my business organized and professional.


One of their newer features that I absolutely love is the Scheduler which allows me to book regular sessions as well as mini sessions directly through HoneyBook. This completely eliminated the need for other third party scheduling tools for me.


With HoneyBook, I can also:

  • send customized wedding proposals
  • get contracts signed electronically
  • send questionnaires and collect answers
  • automate my client workflows instead of doing everything manually
  • track and manage leads


HoneyBook offers all the features you need as a business owner in one convenient platform. If you’re looking to cut down on expenses, HoneyBook is definitely the way to go. Take it for a spin with their 7 day free trial (no credit card needed when you use this link). If you’re already using HoneyBook and want to take advantage of this offer, make sure to use the code: alina.


4. Filter Pixel


The next must-have tool for your photography business is an image culling software. Culling through hundreds (or thousands) of images to narrow down the images you’d like to edit can take a lot of time. Back in the day, we used to go through this step in Lightroom, and let me tell you, it was so incredibly tedious. Hours spent scrolling, comparing, and deciding which photos made the cut—it was a real challenge. 


However, Filter Pixel makes it really simple to choose the best of the best from the bunch. It even has a face panel that shows a close up shot of all the faces in your image. This helps me see if anyone is blinking and only keep the best images. There are many other helpful features that Filter Pixel has, and you can check them out by creating a free trial. Use this link to receive $30 credits and enjoy a 10% discount on your Filter Pixel subscription.


5. Lightroom


Lightroom is my go-to editing software. Paired with the Bright & Clean Presets, my editing workflow is unbeatable. The presets allow me to have a fast editing workflow while maintaining a consistent light and airy editing style. These are not your average presets. They were created to give you the same consistent editing style in any lighting situation. No more guessing which preset to use and when. Each preset from the Bright & Clean Preset Collection is named for the exact edit it’s made for. Need brightness in your photos? Choose “More Light”. Shot in bright sunshine? Choose “Sunny Days”. Repeat this process with ten reliable presets getting the same stunning results every single time.


6. Imagen AI


This is one of my favorite business resources for photographers. Imagen is an AI-powered editing software with the incredible ability to learn your unique editing style and effortlessly apply it consistently across an entire Lightroom catalog in minutes. You do have to upload between 3000-5000 edited images for Imagen to learn your editing style in different lighting situations, but after that it will vastly cut down on your editing time. Use this link to create a free trial and get 2000 editing credits on me.


7. Pixieset


I use Pixieset to deliver all my galleries to my clients. It has a clean interface and is super easy to use for both yourself and your clients. With Pixieset, you can:

  • Create a personalized gallery for each of your clients
  • Deliver galleries to/from anywhere
  • Control the download sizes 
  • Track who sees the galleries and when
  • Track your clients’ favorites
  • Sell your photos online
  • Offer prints, canvases, and more with full control over fulfillment and pricing
  • Sell commission-free


In the most recent years, Pixieset has also added on some additional features that allow you to send documents (invoices, contracts, questionnaires), book clients through full and mini sessions, accept payments, and even build your website all inside of Pixieset. Their CRM is not as robust as HoneyBook, so I don’t use these features, but they can definitely be helpful for someone who is just starting their photography business. You can start using Pixieset for free, plus receive 250 MB of additional storage by using this link.


8. Greetabl


Ever come across a product that becomes an instant obsession, one you can’t help but rave about to everyone you know because it’s just THAT good? Greetabl is that kind of company for me! Their seamless service has transformed my gift-giving experience, making it not just easier, but incredibly convenient. Whether it’s client gifts, vendor appreciation, or spontaneous gestures of kindness, Greetabl is my go-to. Greetabl has been so generous to give my followers 20% off your first order. Simply go to greetabl.com/alinathomas and use the code “ATHOMAS” for 20% off.


9. Flodesk


These days, everyone is talking about “building your email list”. But what is an email list and what do you use it for? Having an email list is great for building a direct and personal connection with your audience. An email list is essentially a curated collection of individuals who have willingly shared their contact information with you and expressed interest in what you have to offer. 


But how do you know which email marketing platform to use? So glad you asked.


After trying countless email platforms over the years, Flodesk is my go-to choice. Flodesk stands out from the rest for several reasons. First, it’s incredibly user friendly. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to write emails that not only look professional, but are also aesthetically pleasing. 


Second, Flodesk provides detailed analytics, giving you insights into how your emails perform. From open rates to click-through rates, you’ll have a clear picture of what resonates with your audience, allowing you to refine your strategies and optimize future campaigns. If you’re looking for an email platform that combines ease of use with stunning design capabilities, I highly recommend giving Flodesk a try. Click here to get 50% off your first year.


10. MyMind App


MyMind is my new favorite app that I wish I had had sooner. I wrote an in-depth blog post about all the ways that you can use the MyMind app a few weeks ago if you want to check it out. But basically, MyMind helps you organize your ideas on the go with the help of AI. Think about all the screenshots you have saved in different folders or on your phone that you never got back to. With the MyMind app you get to save all of your ideas with one simple button and it categorizes everything for you so you can easily access the information you need later. Try MyMind here.


The Top 10 Business Resources for Photographers


There you have it—the comprehensive toolkit that has fueled my photography business for over a decade. These business resources for photographers have been absolute game-changers for me, and I hope they do the same for you. 


Want the links again? Here are my top 10 resources for running a successful photography business:


  1. Showit (get one month FREE)
  2. The Lawtog
  3. HoneyBook (get 50% off an entire year)
  4. Filter Pixel (get 10% off)
  5. Lightroom
  6. Imagen AI (get 2000 editing credits)
  7. Pixieset (250 MB of additional storage)
  8. Greetabl (get 20% off with code “ATHOMAS”)
  9. Flodesk (get 50% off an entire year)
  10. MyMind App


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Disclaimer: For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links. When you use these links we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. In fact, you’re likely able to save money through special discounts I get to extend to you. This also helps us to be able to continue sharing free photography tips and resources like this with you.




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