SEO for Wedding Photographers: 5 Easy Tips for Best Results

What are the best SEO tips for wedding photographers? I get this questions a lot, which is why I’m going to answer it in today’s blog post.


One of the (many) reasons I love having a blog is that I get to answer other photographers’ questions about running a photography business. When I first started out, there weren’t a lot of resources out there, which is why I decided to share everything I knew about building a business on my blog. 


One of the first things I focused on from the very beginning was SEO. I learned how to get my website to rank on Google through blogging, which has been HUGE for my business. Blogging is my #1 booking source to this day! 


Today’s question, you guessed it… is all about blogging!


How do you become efficient with blog writing? I don’t blog because I get so overwhelmed before I even try. From writing to blog stomping I just can’t wrap my head around it. And then I have no understanding about SEO! – Julia Summers Photography


I get it! A lot of photographers find SEO to be confusing. That’s why I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite blogging and SEO blog posts with you — the ones that have made an impact on my business and have helped me book more clients.


3… 2… 1… here they are!



So there you have it: Easy SEO for Wedding Photographers! Just click the links above to read the full blog posts. They are filled with actionable, easy to implement SEO tips for wedding photographers that will help you start ranking on Google in no time!


As I continue to share weekly photography tips and strategies to grow your business, I ask in turn that you share your story with me, as well as any thoughts or ideas on what you’d like to see and hear about in future emails. You can submit your questions by clicking the button below. 

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