Honeybook for $1 – Best. Price. Ever.

Exciting news! The $1 HoneyBook offer is back!! This means that you can join HoneyBook for just $1/mo for your first 8 months. Last time they ran this promo, it didn’t last long. So if you’ve been holding off on getting a business management tool, this is your sign to join HoneyBook today!


honeybook for $1


As a photographer, I use Honeybook in my business every single day! If you’ve been wondering how and what I use it for, here are some of the core features that make running my photography business so much easier!


HoneyBook Features:


  1. Keeps all my client communications in one place so I can access it easily
  2. I can see if my emails have been read by the client
  3. Makes sending contracts easy
  4. Allows me to collect electronic signatures
  5. Enables me to collect online payments and set automatic payment reminders
  6. Allows me to automate/schedule emails
  7. I can set up client workflows
  8. I can easily send client timelines
  9. Contracts, invoices, and questionnaires are all saved in one place for easy access
  10. Tracks where my inquiries are coming from
  11. Tracks my revenue and business expenses
  12. Allows easy communication with other vendors
  13. I can schedule engagement sessions with less back and forth
  14. It’s mobile friendly – the HoneyBook app helps me stay organized on the go

…and so much more!!


HoneyBook has truly been a lifesaver for my business and I know that it will give you the tools that will set you up for success and give your clients the best booking experience as well. This is why I teamed up with HoneyBook to give you the ultimate discount!! For a limited time, you can get 8 months of HoneyBook for just $1/mo (yep, seriously!).


We’re giving you the ultimate discount, PLUS my very own step-by-step workflows that you can plug and play right NOW. They are yours for FREE!


Honeybook $1 promotion


If you currently have a HoneyBook account and still want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure to use the code: alina63248.


Here are my two wedding workflows to help you get started:


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