How to Grow Your Photography Business Fast (It’s Not What You Think!)

Here’s how to grow your photography business quickly! If you’ve known me for a while, then you most likely know about my trusted email template that I used early on in my business to connect with venue owners and form relationships. If you’re new around here, you can simply click HERE to get my email template for free.



Here’s the thing…



Over the years, I realized that there’s one thing that made a big difference in getting referrals from other vendors.



I was subconsciously doing it, but it suddenly dawned on me how without this ONE thing, my business wouldn’t have grown as fast as it has…



…vendor galleries!


How to Grow Your Photography Business Fast


Every time I shoot a wedding, I make it a point to take behind-the-scene photos of every single vendor I meet that day.



Why? While vendors are always excited when I share the final gallery with them, sending behind-the-scene images of them working a wedding really sets me apart from other photographers they work with.



Most of my wedding galleries include a separate folder titled “Vendor Gallery” that vendors can download BTS images from.


How it helps them:


→ Vendors love having professional images to share on social media and on their site. However, they don’t always have the budget to hire a professional photographer to take branding photos for their business.

→ They get new content to post on their website and social media accounts.



How it helps you:


→ Social proof. Every time they post one of your images on social media, they will most likely tag your business. If they use your images on their website, you’ll get credit and your business can potentially be seen by dozens of couples every day.

→ Word of mouth referrals. When couples ask for vendor recommendations, you bet your name will be mentioned. When vendors love working with you, they’ll tell everyone about you.



Here are some ideas of BTS photos you could take at a wedding:


– vendors setting up (florists, bakers, etc.)
– hair and makeup artists working
– videographers and planners interacting with the couple throughout the day



Additionally, I used to go one step further in the beginning stages of my business and ask some of my favorite vendors if I could interview them for my blog (check out THIS example). All of them said yes, and when they shared the blog post on their social media accounts, my business got to be in front of their audience for free. This also helped me come up with new content for my weekly blog posts. Win-win!



This is my number one tip on how to grow your photography business fast! Will you make it a point to create a vendor gallery with each wedding that you photograph? Head over to our Facebook group and let me know. :)



  1. Jarrod says:

    Great tip on having your images shared by others on social media. That is a great form of social proof. Another powerful strategy is to display social proof notifications on your website every time someone books with you, picks up their photos, or takes some other positive form of action.

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